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Hi there, thanks for your time visiting my site!

Who am I?

My name is Tim Miller. I come from Denver, Colorado.

Cars are everything to me and they drive me to discover more and more.

On the way to work, I caught a man trying to jump-start his car. I stopped and helped him by using his cables to make a jump start. He was so grateful and thanked me very much.  He gave me a chocolate bar as a gift. Although it was not a big present, I could feel his sincerity. After a few minutes of talking, I was known he had had to wait for help for many hours. I felt happy cause I had done a good thing.

From this story, I want to help more people dealing with unexpected problems in their car.

Me and Batteries

I knew incidentally how a car battery worked by searching on the Internet. Now I have over 8 years experience in car repair and using car batteries.

With what I know, I think I should share with everyone. That’s the reason I created this blog.

If you are a vehicle owner, it’s always necessary and useful if you can know your car’s problems before it becomes a big bill or dangerous for yourself.

If you are an auto mechanic, it can save you much time in a car’s problem diagnosis.

I have some detailed articles if you want to understand fully about the best car batteries on the market.

We can discuss more if you have any questions for me by just simply leaving your comment below the article or contact me via email: [email protected] 

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